Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What's in a name??

I would love to hear about the name choices for your children---perhaps their meaning, why you specifically chose that name, and if you think that it fits your child as their personality has grown..

I'm going to start with my firstborn, Joshua Jacob. First off your middle name is pretty obvious, since you were named after your father. Now the reason we chose your name Joshua, was because we have loved that name since we first started becoming friends and emailing back in college. For some odd reason we start fictional children--Joshua and Sarah and we would chat about you and what you were doing while we had custody of you(since your dad lived in San Diego and I will in Salem at the time). I had always loved the story of Joshua in the Bible and one of my favoritest verses was Joshua 1:9---have I not commanded you, be strong and courageous for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go. So when it came time to choose a boy name, we automatically knew this would be your name. The meaning of Joshua is God is Salvation. This name fits you so well because you already have a heart for the Lord--and the lost. You continually ask other children at the McDonald's playground if they believe in God..I know God is going to continue to use your heart for the lost..

Secondly is good old Cody boy... Your middle name was chosen after your grandfather buck's middle name, Evans. Not only did we want to name you after him, but we really liked the name Evan for a first name so we took the (s) off the end and it became your middle name. The reason we chose your name, was because of a dear friend that we met on our YWAM mission trip whose name was Cody. He was an awesome man of God---that loved to surf with daddy--and was a great guy all-around. The meaning of Cody is Helpful. Even as a young toddler, you have managed to fit this meaning. You definitely enjoy making messes and having a good time---but you are also very willing to help clean up and help me get things when I need them. You continue to amaze me buddy and I can't wait to see how the Lord uses your helpfulness to bless others.

Thirdly, is our princess, Emily Christine.. I'm sure that as you can guess the name Christine is after me, but more importantly is the meaning of Christine. It means--follower of Christ. Obviously that is our hope for you, that you will be a devoted follower of the Lord. Now when it comes to your first name, let me tell you that was difficult to decide on. First off I am majorly indecisive. We had 6 years to come with a girls name---and it still was difficult for me to decide 100% until the day you were born. This day and age---everyone is about finding names that are different-cute-spelled uniquely-has some deep meaning to it. What pressure, huh?? One of my first best friends starting back in fifth grade was Emily Cline. And even though its hard to admit that I was still playing with dolls and collecting them back at that point in time---all of a sudden my favorite name for my dolls changed from Kimberly to Emily..=) Ever since we had to come up with a possible girl name back six years ago when Joshua was born, Emily Christine was at the top of our list. I know that Emily is said to be one of the most popular names, but for now I only know 4 Emilys---so I hope within our circle you remain one of the only few. Your name meaning is diligent. A few weeks ago we had your baby dedication ceremony at church and the pastor's prayer for you was so cool. He prayed that you would be diligent in your service to Him---that you would not only have a heart like Martha in service but also like Mary in your devotion to Him. That is your father and I's prayer for you baby girl...

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  1. I will play :) I love your kids names btw!

    Winn is named after my grandpa, Winfred, everyone called him Win, we just added a N, his middle name is Arthur after Aaron's Grandpa, who was Kermit (um yeah SO not doing that!) Arthur

    Audrey is a name we just liked, and her middle name is Cate, we went with the C spelling because of my love for basketball player A.C. Green and you all know my love for basketball, so there ya go.